• 3 September 1963
  •  New York City, New York, USA

Holt McCallany


Holt McCallany was born into a family of New York City actors; his mother was the renowned singer/actress Julie Wilson, and his father was Tony Award-winning actor and producer Michael McAloney. He began school in Dublin, Ireland at the age of five before his parents moved back to NY. At 14 years old, he ran away from home and took a Greyhound bus to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming an actor but his parents tracked him down and sent him back to Ireland to boarding school. Following high school, Holt went to France to continue his education. He learned French at the Sorbonne, studied art history at the Paris American Academy, and theater at L'Ecole Marceau and L'Ecole Jacques Lecoq. He spent a summer studying Shakespeare in Oxford then moved back to New York City permanently to begin his acting career. McCallany has worked with the most prestigious directors and actors of our time in films like GANGSTER SQUAD (Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Emma Stone), FIGHT CLUB (Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, directed by David Fincher), THREE KINGS (George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, directed by David O. Russell), MEN OF HONOR (Cuba Gooding Jr., Robert DeNiro), BELOW (written by Darren Aronofsky, Lucas Sussman & David Twohy), VANTAGE POINT (Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, produced by Neil Moritz), THE LOSERS (Idris Elba, Zoe Saldana), BLACKHAT (Chris Hemsworth and directed, produced and co-written by Michael Mann), RUN ALL NIGHT (Liam Neeson, Joel Kinnaman, Ed Harris) and THE PERFECT GUY (Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy, Morris Chestnut). Holt also starred in THE GANZFELD EXPERIMENT, an exploration of extrasensory perception and WHITE SPACE, a futuristic retelling of Herman Melville's classic Moby Dick. Most recently he shot SULLY (Tom Hanks, directed by Clint Eastwood) and SHOT CALLER (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, directed by Ric Roman Waugh). On television, McCallany starred in the critically acclaimed dramatic series LIGHTS OUT for FX earning rave reviews for his performance as heavyweight champion Patrick "Lights" Leary. He played a detective with psychological problems on CSI MIAMI, the district attorney and love interest to Bridget Moynahan's character on CBS's hit drama BLUE BLOODS and a soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder on CRIMINAL MINDS, among others. For the stage, Holt's credits include The Taming Of The Shrew, Twelfth Night, Bovver Boys, Rosetta Street, and By The Sea, By The Sea, By The Beautiful Sea.