Z Customs aren’t always considered vintage Zildjian cymbals but useful as an example. The old Zildjian cymbal foundry was in Constantinople, dating back to the 17th century. The earliest Zildjian cymbals with complete stamps use the letter “K” for Kerope Zildjian, and are marked with Constantinople as the city of origin. Click here to see a timeline of K Constantinople cymbals.

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  • The telltale feature—the angular shape of the letter “J” in “ZILDJIAN”—is more pronounced in the middle era stamps.
  • Here’s a list of the things that make up a cymbal, focusing on vintage Zildjians.
  • Expected signs of use including fingerprints and patina.you know.
  • Peart used Zildjian before switching to Sabian cymbals in 2003.
  • I loved them so much and I was surprised to see how good they sounded, even in church settings.

Meinl and Zildjian are two of the leading cymbal brands in the world at the moment. Although Zildjian has been the biggest cymbal brand for BiracialDatingSites.org decades, Meinl has very steadily crept up the ladder of popularity in modern drumming. It’s perfectly justified by the sheer number of high-quality cymbals Zildjian has on offer.

Planet Z cymbals made from Brass make bright, cutting, and more focused sound. Since the alloy Zildjian uses for these cymbals is Brass, this makes them perfect choice for entry-level drummers. The «old» guys at the factory are purported to be notoriously bad when it comes to the historical timeline of stamps. I think the lathing, hammering, profiles, and other characteristics speak for themselves. Once you know what to look for, you can roughly date a cymbal without even seeing the stamp.

Dating Zildjian Stamps

Meanwhile, the janissaries, having assassinated one too many sultans, were outlawed and executed in 1826 — as were their mehter musicians. The Zildjians lost a significant portion of their market. In early 1977, Armand Zildjian was appointed President of the Avedis Zildjian Company by his father. Soon after, Robert Zildjian split from the company amidst conflict with his brother, Armand.

How To Tell The Age Of A Vintage Zildjian

The cymbals you get should depend on what style of music you mainly play. The A and A Custom cymbals like the Zildjian A 14” New Beat Hi-Hats are bright, making them good options for heavy styles of music. You can’t go wrong with a set of A Customs if you play in a rock band. All the cymbals in the set have shimmering sounds. They’re bright, and the tone stays consistent throughout each cymbal.

Zildjian 17 Inch K Zildjian Sweet Crash Cymbal

In honest opinion if I would have to choose for budget friendly cymbals, I’d rather go for I series, because they are slightly better than Planet Z. Zildjian I is made from B8 Bronze has modern weights, profiles, and several effect sounds. They work with all styles of music and in all settings, particularly in studios. Fill out the form, and I will hand-pick the best cymbals for you and drop you an email. There is no real incentive for them to be able to tell you anything about a product that they produced 50 years ago.

The top-quality lines may be fairly expensive, but they’ll last you a very long time if you take good care of them. Purchasing them would be a good investment for any drummer. If you want one pair of hi-hats that complement absolutely any cymbal and any style of music, look no further than the New Beats.

Cymbal is in great condition, lays flat, has no key holing and free of any edged flea bites or any major scratches and free of any cracks what so ever. Texture and»crashability. Combination of top articulation and bottom spread provides excellent stick articulation. Lower in pitch. Vintage 1960s Avedis Zildjian 14″ Hi Hat Cymbals – 2 Right from my Dad’s 1960s drum set. Sounds amazing. Overall, both companies have huge catalogs of cymbals to choose from and every cymbal is catered for individual needs. Decide what you need and then choose which brand to go with. So, a good balance of dryness and brightness would work well.

Cymbal Packs

The Zildjian S Family is a versatile collection of bright and expressive cymbals built with a balanced frequency response, making it suitable for a variety of musical styles. The S Family will redefine your expectations of what a B12 alloy cymbal can deliver. When it comes to choosing your cymbals, it should heavily depend on what type of music you’re playing. The two biggest musical styles would be rock and jazz. The Zildjian company was started in 1623, making it one of the oldest musical instrument manufacturers in the world.

Different Zildjian Lines

As we said above, the A Custom has a classic cymbal sound that everyone knows and loves. The Zildjian 18” A Custom crash allows for delicate and nuanced playing. It reacts to the slightest touch, meaning it has a huge dynamic range. It gives a huge sound when you dig into it, making it a seriously good crash cymbal option. They’re dynamically responsive, giving a full tone when played quietly. Overall, the K Custom Dark cymbal set is a great choice for anyone wanting to buy all the cymbals at once.

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