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explain it like i'm 5

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This number is often converted into a percentage which is then evaluated alongside the percentage of the time a player believes he will win the hand. If the player is getting the correct pot odds to continue, generally speaking, they should not fold because their hand has a positive expected value. Maybe you are new to poker as well and want to start analyzing the game at a deeper level, but the lingo and foreign explain it like i’m 5 concepts get in the way. To help, Card Player brings you this brand new series, Explain Poker Like I’m Five. This time around, they didn’t have to do anything, so Martin and series creator Jared Neumark took their time deciding how to make Reddit video that was original — not just regurgitating what was already on the site. It is Reddit’s first video series, but not the site’s first foray into video production.

explain it like i'm 5

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How can I clean my phone from viruses?

How to clean a virus from your phone 1. Try downloading an antivirus and having it scan and treat your phone.
2. Clean up your browser(s)
3. Clean up your file downloads.
4. Do a full factory reset or try cleaning up your apps.
5. Doing a full factory reset.
6. Cleaning up your apps.
7. Stop the problem from happening again.

Sending and receiving data through the RDP stack is essentially the same as the 7 layer OSI model for communication. The data transmitted is sectioned, directed to a channel, encrypted, wrapped, framed and packaged before going over the wire to the other party, then it goes through the same process in reverse. X.224 is a Connection-Oriented Transport Protocol, it provides a connection-mode transport service.

  • SVCs allow communication between different client and server components over the main RDP data connection.
  • Those channels are static because they are requested and created at the Basic Settings Exchange phase during the connection initiation, and they do not change at all during the session.
  • The basic functionality of RDP is to transmit a monitor from the remote server to the client and the keyboard and/or mouse from the client to the remote server.
  • There is a maximum of 31 Static Virtual Channels per connection and each channel acts as an independent data stream.
  • During the lifetime of the connection, the client and the server exchange basic input/output data.
  • The client is sending the input and the server sends the output.

Reddit has a new YouTube series called «Explain Like I’m Five» based on the subreddit of the same name where two people attempt to explain difficult concepts to preschoolers. Devolutions is a leading provider of remote connection, password and credential explain it like i’m 5 management tools for sysadmins and IT pros. If you spend any time on Reddit — and hopefully some of that is on Devolutions’ very own subreddit — then you’ve probably come across a great forum called “Explain Like I’m Five”, or ELI5 for short.

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Is NLP a hypnosis?

Some say that Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a derivation of hypnosis. A more accurate way of looking at NLP is to say that although it was heavily influenced by hypnosis and its various techniques.

Instead, recognize what makes the Reddit video and AT&T adeffective–complex ideas boiled down to their essence— and apply it to how you explain things to others. explain it like i’m 5 Good thing I stumbled across a clevernew YouTube series called ‘Explain Like I’m Five.’The Reddit team makes it easy to understand complicated ideas.

Creating A Server To Accept Requests

Is Reddit better than twitter?

In contrast, Reddit users see content that they subscribe to based on their interests. Twitter is typically more useful for understanding the development and evolution of an event, while Reddit is more useful for gathering information during the initial phase of an event.

DejaBlue for example, is very similar to CVE – a vulnerability in FreeRDP (popular open-source RDP server) found by Eyal Itkin about a year before DejaBlue was discovered. Prevent the exposure of your RDP servers to the internet, keeping them behind your firewall. From the time of writing this post, there is still no PoC/exploit available explain it like i’m 5 publicly. Due to the significant risk this vulnerability may pose to the public, we will not share any additional information at this moment. For further reading, here a few public references for in-depth analysis of DejaBlue. The vulnerability lies in the function that decompresses data sent over a Dynamic Virtual Channel .

Is NLP a nonsense?

NLP is utter pseudoscience
One of the major reasons we need an evidence-based approach to education is because of the sheer amount of non-science and nonsense that has managed to inveigle its way into teaching.

RDP uses it in the initial connection request and response. Communication in RDP is based on multiple channels, and the protocol theoretically supports up to 64,000 unique channels. I won’t cover its handshake here because this post will become too long, but I will link to resources at the end of this post. Something important to keep in mind is that the TLS link happens before any http traffic, meaning that it is independent of http. You can use TLS for your own custom proprietary protocol. For instance, I’m using TLS with a Go Binary protocol on top for one of my hobby projects. Take a brief moment to make sure you understand what you’re being asked to do.

explain it like i'm 5

Fast-Path – As the name suggests, it was created to reduce both the amount of data transmitted and the amount of processing required to process it. This is done by reducing/removing PDU headers from certain PDU types (e.g. keyboard/mouse input). You can find more information about the extended licensing phase and the communication between the RDP server and the license server here [MS-RDPELE]. At this point, the client sends an encrypted Client Info explain it like i’m 5 PDU containing information about supported types of compression, user domain, username, password, working directory, etc. Security Data – Encryption methods, size of session keys, server random and server’s certificate . From this point on, subsequent data will be wrapped in an X.224 Data PDU. The implementation of MS RDP has abstracted all of the complexity of the protocol stack, and it allows developers to write extensions to the protocol easily.

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