Jordan Rice


Jordan Christina Rice is an actress from Atlanta, GA known for her work as the last girl on the stairs before the bombing in the Four Little Girls scene of Ava DuVernay's Oscar Nominated Film Selma. A lover of all things arts, Jordan views the world through her own creative lens even down to her food choices. She likes pickles on pizza and prefers waffles without syrup. In her dreams she plays the role of a spy who can fit into tiny spaces and whose mission is to bring social justice to the world. Jordan is also the creator of The Talking Jordans, a comedic sketch on YouTube where her characters move from the serious to the hilarious in 60 seconds or less. To see what tiny spaces she fits into next, follow her on social media or use #ThatGirlBeActing.


Movie Name Release Date
Selma (2014) January 9, 2015