• 24 August 1981
  •  Taipei, Taiwan

Jiro Wang


Jiro popularly known as 'Da Dong' is a famous actor and singer as a member of Fahrenheit and vocal and guitarist of a rock band D.C.W.. After he worked his way through arts high school in Taipei, he went on with his several jobs in showbiz, for example, modeling on catwalk and for commercials, starring music videos, reporter of TV programs, and work for another models or singers and actresses as an assistant beauty stylist quite a while, and he even moonlighted as a waiter at friend's restaurant with a dream to become a singer. Once, he tried to give up his dream just because it was too hard to last that repeating auditions and wait with changes agency to agency for a formal debut without any promise of return to him who had to make a living as a head of household. However, when he planned his life as an art teacher, the Chance has come! He was cast in "It Started with A Kiss" aka Mischievous Kiss (2005) for one of main characters 'A Jin' aka 'Jin Yuan Feng' by the director Yu Ning Chu. As is generally known, this TV series was a great success and its mega hit is not only a Taiwan nationwide one but also is the "Asianwide." Moreover, its success was continued to its sequel "They Kiss Again" aka They Kiss again (2007). He also gained a fame in Greater China with its hero and heroin Ariel Lin, and Joseph Yuan-Chang Cheng together. Not long after his awesome "actual debut" as an actor(*except playing cameo) before a singer, he got offers of management both from Comic International Productions, the production company of "It started with a kiss" and HIM International Music. As an actor exclusive to Comic Productions, he also trained and prepared to make his musical debut under HIM at the same time. KO One (2005) aka "Zhongji Yiban", also was a memorable drama to him personally. As you can see from what he is called his nickname 'Da Dong' named from the character 'Wang Da Dong' he played in "KO One" Until NOW, it was very impressive for viewers. Its public favor and high audience ratings served as a momentum of its spin-off series The X-Family (2007) aka "Zhongji Yijia", and K.O. 3an Guo (2009) aka "Zhongji Sanguo." With "K.O 3an Guo", the last leg, "Zhongji Trilogy" which was begun with it and continued with "The X-Family" was completed. If say that "It started with a kiss" was a work which marked the 1st turning point of his life, then it was the 2nd turning point in the point of view it broadened his career from an actor to an all-around entertainer who can sing too, as well as he act. Why it broadened his career to singer though he didn't sing much in it is because he Finally debuted as all-male quartet 'Fahrenheit' with other 3 members, Chun Wu, Calvin Chen, and Aaron Yan who played its leading roles and supporting role. They had no sooner made their bow with its soundtracks than they became idols of girls of Asia. For similar case, his band 'Dong Cheng Wei' aka 'D.C.W' which he formed when he was in high school with his friends Shu Chen and Free Dun (elder brother of Xiu, Zhi Jie Chen and young drummer Ming Han Li joined after) also took their guest appearances and participation in soundtracks of "Zhongji Trilogy" as a opportunity, got fame, and released their album. The continuing success of dramas and those soundtracks albums plus their self-titled debut album let people call them "Next F4." As Hua yang shao nian shao nu (2006) aka "Taiwan version" "Hana zakari no Kimi tachi e" (2007) was nominated as one of the best teenage drama in 2007 the 2nd Seoul International Drama Awards, he visited Korea for attending awards and fan meeting for its promotion in Seoul. With broadcasting this awards on public channel, he had been known to Korea, too. Thangs to that almost his filmography are remade word for word what Japanese comic originals, he also had lots of Japanese fans to support. In "Rolling Love" aka Rolling Love (2008) and "ToGetHer" aka ToGetHer (2009), he starred as a chef genius at making egg fried rice and the top star fallin' slump each and showed his good acting. As a matter of fact, 'Mars', the character he acted in "ToGetHer" actually reflected a lot of figure of himself. Since his first TV Series, until Momo Love (2009) all characters which he acted had common figures consistently. For instance, he was always describing the character bad at studying or a little foolish("Kiss Series", "Zhongji Series", "Together") as much as being good at fighting or physical activities("KO One, "Hana Kimi", "Rolling love"), he also admired rock & roll, playing guitar("Zhongji series", "Together") and got a talent in cooking("Kiss series", "Rolling love"), and he had charismatic leadership("Zhongji series", "Rolling love") while being very shy before girl and fool at love(every series) and simple minded, outgoing character(everyone). The one & only differences in character in "MoMo Love" is he was changed to smart guy!!! While filing his filmography step by step, he also gained good grade in musical career. Fahrenheit, the group he belongs released 4 formal mandarin albums, 3 Japanese singles, and many OST recordings. Their many songs tied up with many dramas they starred. Sometimes to support his band D.C.W, he back upped collaboration stages as an ex-vocal. In 2008, as Fahrenheit, he also participated in the 5th Asia Song Festival as the best Asian artist representing Taiwan, he also raised his awareness as a musician as well as an actor. He as Fahrenheit had Asian tour concerts too. Fahrenheit owed the nomination as the good will ambassador of Taiwan tourism to such remarkable exploits around Asia. His development in showbiz is more than just the above facts. He was selected as a main host in a new launching big TV talk show Super King (2010). Eventhough it was the first time to stand as a main MC, but he made maximum use of his past experience as a reporter. Now, after completion his guest appearance in Sunshine Angel (2011), he is just ready to his screen debut with "Zi Zhai" (2011).


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