The message is always the same; you can enjoy this film, and that’s awesome. This second segment can delve into themes, character and plot arcs, influences and shout outs, and tie together events throughout the film. The second segment is also where CW makes the case for seeing the film, though it may be hinted at in the main segment. CinemaSins owns four other channels and is affiliated with another channel known as Couch Tomato .

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I honestly thought this was going to be about a game having 0 in a review score… I don’t think he has the influence that, say, Jim Sterling does, but he’s still pretty big. Regardless, I don’t think any developer is «scared» of any single review. As others have stated Zero Punctuation is more nitpicky comedy rather than a hard hitting review so I doubt developers have ever been bothered. Then again the director of King Kong did get upset because of CinemaSins video «trashing» his movie.

  • To have someone focusing on mainly the good parts of movies is a breath of fresh air in comparison.
  • It’s not a knock on the pacing or the plot.
  • Max Landis, who wrote Chronicle, has seen and enjoyed the CinemaSins video of his movie, calling it «the modern day equivalent of a Friar’s Club Roast.»
  • The problem is that they are bad at even doing that.
  • Even if it’s for a movie they like or think is good, at best you’ll get a token couple of minutes saying «Nah this is good» when the entire time it’s been chewed up.
  • This video was entirely made because it was near a DC release and he wanted to capitalize on it.

(Anna says, «That’s right – Olaf!») Come on… I mean, you definitely don’t remember anything about Olaf because of the magic trolls at the beginning. And surely if you remember Olaf, you’d remember your sister, the ice games you played, and getting knocked unconscious…

A good solid chunk of the video is the guy going «IDK what’s going on and I don’t care.» It’s made by people who created clickbait. They’re both annoying enough that I installed a Chrome extension that blocks keywords for channels from my recommendations so I don’t see them anymore. Gold, Adam .»Multiplex hecklers, musicians and marksmen are turning YouTube into a career path — and in some cases, a cash register».Nashvillescene.

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I get they want to make Rey see that there’s «good» in Kylo and that «he might be not a bad guy after all» – lol bitch killed his dad. They really establish very well the Dark Side of the Force and how fucked up it is in that movie, people really take that for granted and just assume it was a no brainer, that could have gone very wrong. That depends entirely on how the production behind that film goes but atm I think Disney is pretty satisfied with the non significant totally small thing wherein SW is currently incredibly successful amongst viewers and has been for years.

Kakashi And Might Guy Naruto Vs Gilgamesh And

Two perfect guys, two perfect girls, and the sniveling Weselton guy could have been the villain trying to overthrow Arendelle. Instead, this movie is so focused on trying to pull the rug out from under the audience and be surprising it loses common sense. The point of both those anecdotes is that films, especially satirical ones, really do lose a lot of people. Cinemasins is just stupid in their film criticism but its all a goof. The existence of elaborate take down videos of CinemaSins perplexes me, since I don’t really ever recall it being presented as a serious critique. The existence of elaborate takedown videos of CinemaSins perplexes me, since I don’t really ever recall it being presented as a serious critique.

This guy has done videos about Cinema Sins in the past, but I thought this one was interesting because Cinema Sins doesn’t seem to grasp the satire of this movie at all. At what point does a parent watching this with their kid decide to just put on an old movie instead? A good quarter of this film is just references to other films. (Maurice says «if we had a lot of live people here, it wouldn’t be called ‘the wild'») How would Maurice have any context for «the wild» if there are no people?

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I kinda feel like that’s where Star Wars is at. Or just turning off the TV / go do something else. It is what it is, I don’t see what’s so hard to comprehend, people who love the movie, great, good for you, but some people genuinely don’t like it for reasons that are valid. We don’t all have to like / dislike the same things, 2 people can have completely different views on something, and both be right. If a character was ever written like an actual person, in the real world, it would be the most confused, inconsistent, scattershot, poorly conceived thing ever.

Gil was voiced by Willem Dafoe, who played Norman Osborne in the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man film. He also sinned the trailer for The Force Awakens because he knew that a scene in the trailer without a Wilhelm scream would have one when the scene occurred in the actual movie. Basic Instinct has this sinned a lot due to the Anti-Hero’s very awful practices, lots of his detective friends do the same. Everyone knows about the fact he is sleeping with the therapist, attacks his coworkers, nobody seems to know what alibi really means.

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