• 16 April 1960
  •  Chicago, Illinois, USA

Ricco Ross


Ricco Ross ~ Actor, writer & producer and CEO of "Something Positive Productions". Ricco lives in LA but comes from a large family of five brothers & five sisters out of Chicago. From age 7 to 13, he lived in what Oprah stated was the poorest town in the US: Pembrook, Illinois. Ricco received a MFA from UCLA. As an actor, his first year out of college he booked reoccurring roles on Hill St. Blues & The Young & the Restless. Soon afterwards, feeling type-cast, he decided to study Shakespeare for a year in England at the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA). That year turned into 13 years of living abroad. He worked as an English actor in London, while moon lighting as a model in France & Italy for 4 yrs. He also turned down a European Pro basket ball contract in Cyprus. He has lived and worked all over the UK, Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, & Asia. His impressive resume includes credits such as Aliens, Mission Impossible, The Practice, Highlander, Babylon 5, Beverly Hills 90210, Hayabusa, JAG, E.R. & many more. His latest movie was A Husband For Christmas where he played the title role. To date, his biggest accomplishments are his loving wife Julie Shannon Ross and children Aisha, Rami, Makaila, Miles and his Godson Nicolas. As an actor/writer/producer, Ricco feels his best work is yet to come.


Movie Name Release Date
Άλιενς, η Επιστροφή – Aliens (1986) July 18, 1986