• 11 September 1974
  •  Singapore

Paulyn Sun


Paulyn Sun is an Singapore-born actress and Miss Singapore of 1994 and represented her country at Miss Universe. She quit her job in business development to launch an acting career in Hong Kong. Her first acting role was in the movie "The Golden Girls (1995)." In 1996 she was offered 20 million (Hong Kong) dollars to pose nude and rejected the offer. She was the first female from Singapore to be nominated for a Hong Kong Film Award in 1997 for her role in "Island Of Greed." In 2000, she was featured in Wong Kar Wai's award-winning film "In The Mood For Love" but most of her scenes were not put into the final cut. She has worked in many commercials for ATVs and beauty products in an effort to further advance her career. She is lesser known than her acting peers in Hong Kong despite her efforts. She can fluently speak English, Chinese (dialects Cantonese and Mandarin), and Japanese and has used all three languages in her roles.