Otto Sanchez


Otto Sanchez is a native New Yorker. Growing up in Jackson Heights, Queens, he was raised by his mother, Violeta Carbajal. He is the youngest of four (an older brother and two older sisters). Otto's passion for painting was his first connection into the arts. After pursuing Advertising Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City from 1987-1989, and then at the Columbus College of Art and Design, in Columbus, Ohio, on a fine arts scholarship, his passion shifted and he dove into acting. Returning to New York in 1991, he studied acting under Jeanne Kaplan and Austin Pendleton at HB Studio. In 1996, He landed the role of Chico Guerra on the acclaimed HBO series Oz (1997). Chico Guerra put him on the map, landing him roles in film and television. His film credits range from Indies to commercially successful studio features: Carlos in Bad Boys II (2003), Negrito in Kill the Poor (2003)." Others include, Ping Pong in "Double Whammy" by Tom Dicillo, and Paul Diaz in "Push" by David Rodriguez. Otto is no stranger to the stage. In 2004 he co-starred opposite John Ventimiglia (The Sopranos (1999)) in the critically acclaimed three man Off-Broadway play "Ponies", produced by Michael Imperioli at the Studio Dante in New York City. He played the role of Wallace.


Movie Name Release Date
Terminator Genisys (2015) July 1, 2015