• 16 February 1876
  •  Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Mack Swain


Mack Swain was born in 1876 and soon became a talented vaudevillian. In 1913 he was hired by Mack Sennett and appeared in a few Mabel Normand pictures until a year later he became even bigger when 'Charlie Chaplin' arrived at the Keystone Studio. Swain later created a character by the name of Ambrose whom he appeared with Mr. Walrus (Played by comic Chester Conklin) most memorably in "Love Speed & Thrills" (1915). After that his career began to go downward until Charlie Chaplin rescued it in 1921 and he later appeared in his masterpiece "The Gold Rush" (1925). After "The Gold Rush" he appeared in many Hollywood productions such as Lon Chaney's "Mockery" and "The Last Warning" (1929). In 1932 he appeared in the academy award nominee for best short "Stout Hearts and Willing Hands" which also co-starred former keystone actors such as Chester Conklin, Hank Mann, Harold Lloyd, Bobby Vernon, Ben Turpin and Owen Moore. He retired from then onwards and died in 1935.


Movie Name Release Date
Ο χρυσοθήρας – The Gold Rush (1925) October 9, 1925