Lorenzo Alessandri


Lorenzo Alessandri is an Italian film actor and stage actor. He is an Italian character actor; Lorenzo Alessandri debuted in the sixties in the theater representing various theatrical works; in television and film arrives in the eighties, the roles played by the actor are largely roles supporting actor. In the nineties, Lorenzo Alessandri gets more prominence when repeatedly is directed by actor-director Nanni Moretti, also manage to get a slight fame thanks to the film "La scuola" by Daniele Luchetti in which he plays the stern husband Majello professor interpreted in turn by Anna Galiena. That role, for Lorenzo Alessandri remains imprinted in the film community, in fact prompted several times in other movies where the theme is that of youth and contemporary issues.


Movie Name Release Date
Αγαπημένο μου, ημερολόγιο – Caro diario (1993) September 30, 1994