Lawrence Kuppin


A film entrepreneur and investor, Larry Kuppin has made quite a significant impression as a reliable and prolific film producer and has been involved with numerous major motion pictures in the United States and around the world. After being involved with television productions for several years, Kuppin along with Harry Sloane and Larry A. Thompson purchased Roger Corman's independent production company New World Pictures in 1983. Thompson eventually left the company a year later, and Kuppin and Sloane as both executives of the "New" New World Pictures, they were able to branch the company into three new divisions. New World International handled the motion pictures done outside the United States. New World Television handled TV shows and made for TV motion pictures; and New World Video handled the video distribution of all of New World Pictures products. New World also purchased the Marvel Comics division in 1985. New World Pictures made a major impression with producing and distributing motion pictures around the world. Some of the films included the "Hellraiser" series and the critically acclaimed black comedy "Heathers". From 1983-1990, New World Pictures produced nearly 150 films. Unfortunatly, by 1989 New World Pictures went into a downward fall with financial problems. After the company sold it's Marvel Comics division, New World Pictures eventually shut down by 1990 and Kuppin sold it to the News Communications Co. Kuppin is still involved as a financial investor for independent motion pictures.


Movie Name Release Date
Hellraiser 3: Επίγεια κόλαση – Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992) September 11, 1992