• 15 May 1961
  •  Framingham, Massachusetts, USA

Larry Holden


Delighted in providing misinformation about his life. According to published obituaries, his father was Command Sergeant Major Laurence E. Holden (deceased) and his mother was Friederike H. Holden. He had three siblings, Patrick L. Holden, Angela Holden and Deborah Holden-Baker. "Kinda retired" from acting in February 2002, shortly after appearing in Christopher Nolan's third film, Insomnia (2002) (he was in Nolan's second film, Memento (2000), as well). Returned from his two-year-long hiatus from acting in 2004 for Christopher Nolan's fourth film, Batman Begins (2005), and appeared in two independent films in 2005; before announcing he would most likely be taking 2006 and 2007 off to concentrate on his writing and directing, as well as the business side of things at Holden Automotive, the production company through which he made his own independent films. Lived in Granville, Vermont (2007-2010). Completed editing of two of his 2007 films in late 2010.


Movie Name Release Date
Insomnia (2002) May 24, 2002
Μπάτμαν: Η αρχή – Batman Begins (2005) June 15, 2005