• 5 February 1931
  •  Czestochowa, Slaskie, Poland

Kalina Jedrusik


Kalina Jedrusik was born in Czestochowa, Poland in 1931. Her parents brought her up together with two other children. In 1953 she debuted on stage and year later married famous Polish writer Stanislaw Dygat (Jezioro Bodenskie, Disneyland). Her long list of theatre work includes plays by Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz and Bertolt Brecht among others. Jedrusik first appeared on screen in 1957 with the movie Eve Wants to Sleep (1958). She is mostly known for playing Joanna in comedy Lekarstwo na milosc (1966) and Lucy Zuckerowa in The Promised Land (1975). Her filmography also includes adaptations of her husband's work - Jezioro Bodenskie, Jowita and many others. Apart from her movie career she was also a talented singer. The Double Life of Veronique (1991) was her last screen appearance. She died on August 7, 1991 in Warsaw. She was 60.


Movie Name Release Date
Η διπλή ζωή της Βερόνικα – La Double Vie de Véronique (1991) November 22, 1991