Juan Gaspard


Juan Rios Gaspard, Born on 8-25-1965, to Clarice "Louise" (Staton) Dupuy, His Mother and best friend, and Loveless P. Dupuy, His Father. He was raised in a small country suburb, The entire Villa, comprised of 1.5 miles, Poydras, in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana He Attended St. Bernard High School, where in his Junior Year, for his 17th Birthday, He signed up to Join the USMC. Patriotism, He served in the United States Marines from 1983 to 1986, during His Tour of Duty My M.O.S. 03-31, Juan was an "M60 machine gunner" for Weapons Platoon Company "E" 2nd Battalion 7Marines 1st Marine Divisions (weapons Platoon) later He was reassigned to Weapons Company 2/7, in the Heavy Guns capacity and has had extensive weapons training including 50 Caliber weapons. In his Tour of Duty, where he traveled to 20 different states , Juan was also deployed to Okinawa Japan, and South Korea for Operation Team Spirit 83/84 and has have visited 6 different Countries. Foolishness and Love As a young adult I was an Emergency Medical Technician, Emergency 9-1-1 Dispatcher, before getting into Carpentry, Construction would become My forte, I excelled as a pipe fitter, again became the top of his class in Pipefitting. I am known as The Lion of Louisiana, because of My characteristic past, and survival skills, I am a VERY bold Person, My Character Dictates, I must be Truthful, and Therefore, I must admit, I have a very colorful past. The Turning Point 2005, was a very notable year for Me, first, on March 6th My Mother Passed away, No other person, Has been so influential in My Life, she gave me Life, She Nurtured me, and raised me, she protected me even from myself, Clarice "Louise" Dupuy, is not only My Mother, she is My Glory Hallelujah, she is the very essence of my existence, I live my life today in the hopes she is proud of the Legacy, I will leave behind.32 days later his Mother in Law passed also, 4 months Later everybody in my Hometown, had water in their attics, 35 days Later My Father joined My Mother. 12-12-06, one of the most defining moments in Juan's adult life occurred tragically, as I and My Beautiful Young (34) Vibrant wife were struck head on, in a terrible 2 car accident, that claimed the lives of the other driver, as well as My wife, and so, as this world would have it, on 12-12-06 at the young age of just 41, I Juan Rios Gaspard, became a Widower. Destiny Revealed In February of 2010 by chance I met an Actor,I was walking down Bourbon street, It was Lundi Gras, and I had a Mask, scaring the girls, Just being me! I saw him standing there, admiring me, and Curiosity got the better of me, We spoke Briefly who took the time to explain to me, the ups and downs of "Acting" within 2 weeks I had Landed My First extra gig, as a swat team Member in "Stolen" starring Nick Cage, after another 2 year Hiatus I have Returned to the Silver Screen, and in 2013 was in 11 different projects, including Bonnie & Clyde,(Bruce Beresford). Juan is again returning to the Silver Screen, after a one year Hiatus, 2014, I lost 74 pounds and have achieved some of his goals, I am living much more healthier, I eat only things that have lived before, basically Paleo, I quit smoking, after 26 years as a smoker. I don't do, or promote Drugs, I do however see the Medicinal Value of Cannabis on a personal Level I suffer from PTSD, and a Horrible TBI, that basically erased my entire memory in 2006, Yes, I do Medicate. I have seen too Much, Trust me, just a glimpse, Of what I have survived, will horrify you 2017 update its obvious if you are watching my page as a fan, or checking me out as a potential Principle, My Ascent has been brief, That is for a reason, I am my own unique Character, in just 3 short years I have seen my Marketability and Popularity soar, I want to Thank all of YOU for that, You kindness and Support, is what makes this all worthwhile, Without you, This would all be in Vain. So, Again, Thanks everybody, it's all about YOU. The Lion of Louisiana, Juan Rios Gaspard