• 6 December 1964
  •  Turin, Piedmont, Italy

Giulio Base


Giulio Base, was born in Turin (Italy) in 1964. He achieved two Doctorates. The first in Literature and Philosophy and the second one in Theology. From 1996 he's a Mensa Member (the society of people whose IQ is in the top 2% of the population). He started as an actor studying in Florence at the School for Dramatic Art directed by the great Italian master Vittorio Gassman. After many years working as an actor, he made his strong directorial debut with Crack (1991), his first movie, that came from a theatre's piece that he already directed and played on stage. The movie was shown at the Venice Film Festival (Italy) and it won the prize for the best first opera at San Sebastian Film Festival (Spain) His second title The East (1992), a road movie, was shown in Venice again and at the Festival of Festivals of Toronto (Canada) where it obtained the Audience Award. After that, he shot Policemen (1996), his first work with an European major, an international co-production including French and Italian stars. This film won a prize as the best movie at the Festival of the Film Policiers in Arcachon (France). The West (1998) was the sequel of The East, almost a classic road movie in US: young boys riding a car from New York to Los Angeles. Special Jury Award at the Réncontres du Cinema, in Annecy (France) His biggest success in Europe is La Bomba - Once Upon A Time In Little Italy - (1999)), a comedy about mafia lifestyle, located in New York City; the film avails itself of famous artists such as the two times Academy Award Winner Shelley Winters. His debut as a director in a TV movie, Padre Pio (2000) obtained the highest share of Italian television of all times. In 2005 he directed the epical tale of Peter, the real story of the first apostle, played by the legendary Omar Sharif. This work opened him the doors to Hollywood. In 2006 he directed his first 'mainstream' movie, called The Inquiry (produced by Avi Lerner, with Nu Image) that has released by 20th Fox in US (as 'The Final Inquiry'), by Sony in Spain and by IIF in Italy among several other countries. The cast is amazing: Max Von Sydow, Academy Award Winner F. Murray Abraham, Ornella Muti, Dolph Lundgren and much more great actors. In 2007, he helmed Last Days Of Pompeii, another national and international success. In 2009 he directed in New Mexico, Usa, a western: Doc West, starring Terence Hill, Paul Sorvino and Clare Carey among other American actors and actresses. The movie has been shown at the Cannes Film Market and it will have a sequel. In 2010 he shot the tv movie 'A dog for two" a comedy that won Christmas night tv share. In 2011 he helmed 'The Sunday Woman' a remake of a classic Italian masterpiece of the 70's (Mastroianni starred in it) that was acclaimed by the critics as the best direction of his career.