• 4 April 1922
  •  Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Dorothy Hart


A former model, the luminously beautiful Dorothy Hart was signed to a contract by Universal Pictures after having made only one film, Columbia's Gunfighters (1947). However, the studio system couldn't quite find a place for a woman with her carriage and elegance, and relegated her to westerns, costume dramas, prison sagas, Tarzan movies, and such dreck as I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. (1951). She grew to detest Hollywood, left the film business in 1952, moved to New York and did occasional guest spots on TV dramas and game shows. She was very active in working through the United Nations for the world's children.


Movie Name Release Date
Γυμνή πόλη – The Naked City (1948) January 1, 1970