David Kriegel


David Kriegel was born in 1969 in New York City, New York, USA. He is a former retired US actor and director, known for Speed (1994), Leaving Las Vegas (1995) and Alive (1993). David Kriegel has had an impressive career that has traversed the spectrum of performing arts. A native of New Jersey, David began studying and working in the theater at the age of twelve. Upon graduation from high school he went on to study at The Julliard School. David began his acting career in 1990 when he starred as Kevin Ness is an episode of the TV series called 21 Jump Street in the episode Change of Heart. He would later move on and star as a character named Terry in the hit 1994 film Speed. Besides acting, he has also directed the TV Series titled VIP Passport in 2006. He is known in Italy especially for the participation in the film The Accidental Detective with Vanna Paoli. He is married with a wife and has four children. He is no longer active as an actor, director and producer in film or television since 2005 and 2006, having retired at the age of 37. As of June 2014, he now owns a unique children's dance studio with his wife Amy Kriegel in Studio City, Los Angeles. Owners Amy and David Kriegel have always believed that arts education was the cornerstone to a well-rounded childhood development. The Kriegel's have been married for 21 years and are parents to 4 fabulous children. They are looking forward to the Fall of 2015 when they will have: 1 daughter starting college, 2 daughters starting high school and 1 son starting kindergarten. Their oldest daughter was born in 1997, their 2 younger daughters were born in 2001 and their youngest son was born in 2011. This unique partnership has created the foundation on which Creation Station Studio City continues to thrive. As husband and wife, parents and artists they bring to CSSC a distinctive set of qualifications that has helped to establish Creation Station Studio City as the leading experts on children's dance. For two decades David has used his talent and skills, growing and adapting, maneuvering between the creative ideals of the artist and the practical necessities of business. It is his proudest role as husband and father, that drive his desire to continue to build the successful, nurturing, child-focused creative center that is Creation Station Studio City.


Movie Name Release Date
Speed (1994) June 10, 1994