• 1960
  •  Canada

Barbie Wilde


Barbie Wilde was born in Canada and raised in the United States where she attended Syracuse University in upstate New York. In pursuit of an acting career, she moved to London, England many years ago. Barbie has performed in cabaret in Bangkok; traveled to Bombay to appear in the Bollywood blockbuster, 'Janbazz', which also starred Anil Kapoor of 'Slumdog Millionaire' fame; robotically mimed with English TV legends Morecombe and Wise; and danced professionally at the top nightclubs of New York City, London and Amsterdam with the dance/mime group, Shock. She has also appeared as the Female Cenobite in the classic cult horror movie 'Hellbound: Hellraiser II' and as a vicious mugger in 'Death Wish III'. Barbie has worked as an assistant casting director for the BBC production of 'The Buddha of Suburbia' and as a casting director for MTV's London production of 'The Real World'. While working as a television presenter/host/scriptwriter, she has appeared in 'The American Hot 100' (Skytrax TV); 'The Morning Show' and 'Supersonic' (Music Box TV); 'The Small Screen', a film review program for London Weekend Television; 'Hold Tight' (where she interview Cliff Richard, Iggy Pop and John Lydon); a music show for Granada Television and a live music program, 'The Gig', for London Weekend Television. Barbie also co-presented 'Sprockets' in 1991, a film program for Dandelion Productions that still shows regularly on SKY TV in the UK. In 2009, Barbie contributed a well-received short story, entitled 'Sister Cilice', to the Hellbound Hearts Anthology (Pocket Books), edited by Paul Kane and Marie O'Regan. The stories in Hellbound Hearts were based on Clive Barker's mythology from his novella The Hellbound Heart, the basis for the Hellraiser film franchise. In 2011-14, Barbie contributed seven more short stories to different horror anthologies: 'U for Uranophobia' for Phobophobia; 'American Mutant: Hands of Dominion' for Mutation Nation; 'Polyp' for The Mammoth Book of Body Horror (reprinted in The Unspoken in 2013); 'A is for Alpdrücke' for The Demonologia Biblica; 'Zulu Zombies' for Bestiarum Vocabulum (reprinted in Gorezone #29); 'The Cilicium Pandoric' for Gorezone #30; and 'Botophobia' for Phobophobias (Summer, 2014) Barbie's first novel, The Venus Complex, a fictionalized diary of a serial killer, was published by Comet Press in late 2012.


Movie Name Release Date
Hellraiser II: Αιώνια κολασμένος – Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) December 23, 1988