• 15 May 1917
  •  Alliance, Ohio, USA

Wade Barnes


Composer, author, pianist and songwriter, educated at Mount Union College and the Philadelphia Music School, also in private music study. In 1937 he announced at WHBC in Canton, Ohio, then became production manager. In 1939 he announced at WTAM in Cleveland, Ohio. From 1943 to 1962 he was the sales manager for RCA Recorded Program Services and General Teleradio Film Division, and vice-president of sales for Bonded TV Film Services. Between 1962-1964 he was a consultant to the Ringling Brothers Circus. He composed the scores and was assistant film producer for the National Science Foundation exhibit at the 1964 New York World's Fair. He directed special projects for the National Association for Retarded Children, and he composed the TV score for "Quillow and the Giant". Joining ASCAP in 1963, his chief musical collaborator was Ralph Blane. His popular-song compositions include "How Many Stars?"; "I Believe in Me"; "No Such Word as Can't"; "I Believe in Something"; and "Nothing Is the Hardest Thing In the World to Do".