Tuncay Gunes


Tuncay Gunes is a Turkish-British actor.He is the youngest and the only son of the Gunes family out of the 4 siblings. His parents have moved from Corum, Turkey to Izmir where he opened his eyes to the world. Since the age of 8 he has had many work experiences in different industries such as tourism and service. Since the beginning of his educational life, he has been studying and working at the same time to gain experiences and support his family.Since childhood, he has been involved in different types of sports and has won numerous amount of medals. He has taken part in basketball, swimming, volleyball and, long jump. He has been a basketball player for over 13 years and was among one of the most successful players that took his team to a good position. He currently is involved in fitness training . Tuncay has started studying Local Government & Public Administration at Anadolu University in 2002. He has completed his military service in 2008 and, got married in 2009 and he has two sons Enes and Ali. Upon getting married, he has moved to London permanently in order to start a career. He has been living in London, England since 2008 and is a hardworking, friendly and easygoing person. He had interest in watches since his childhood and, made it a hobby to himself to improve his knowledge and repair watches. Upon moving to London, he has enhanced this hobby by going to a course to become a watch expert. He is now able to provide technical service and repairs to all mechanical watches. He also has a watch collection which, includes all types but mostly Swiss watches. Up until 2016, he has been working in different industries and, in 2016 he had his turning point which, allowed him to start his new career in modeling and acting professionally.He has had many modeling experiences in England and, is currently following a successful path towards his modeling and acting career in London. Having started his acting education in 2016 at City Academy being taught by Eleanor Henderson, he has been involved in many amazing projects before starting the acting courses such as Films,Tv,Music Videos.