• 13 April 1864
  •  Nevada City, California, USA

Tully Marshall


Tully Marshall intended to pursue a legal career, until he tried a dramatic course at Santa Clara University. He started stage work in San Francisco in 1883 and moved to New York in 1887, where he played in various roles on Broadway and on the road. After a few small parts in films he was given the role of the High Priest of Babylon in the D.W. Griffith classic, Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages (1916). One of his finest roles in silents was that of an old frontiersman in another classic, The Covered Wagon (1923). When sound arrived Marshall was very much in demand and worked for nearly every major studio. His last film was Behind Prison Walls (1943). He died on March 10, 1943, after a 60-year career in entertainment.