Siobhan Hodgson


Siobhan Hodgson is a versatile Actress and Storyteller. Recent appearances in film and television include Resident Evil:The Final Chapter, Mat Joubert: Cape Town and Dominion. She is often seen portraying quirky characters such as Mrs Roberts in the movie Spud (2010) and Marelise in the TV Sitcom S.O.S. (2001). She has also brought extraordinary and historical characters to life in the History Channel series The Land of the Free as Lucinda Brown (2016), Locked Up Abroad: Hostage Hell as Debbie Calitz (2015) and America The Story of Us, as Mattie Oblinger in the Episode Heartland (2010). When Siobhan is not acting she spends her time behind the camera as a photographer and a producer specializing in documentaries.