• 4 June 1895
  •  Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Russell Hicks


Tall, distinguished-looking Russell Hicks appeared in almost 300 films in his more than 40-year career (although his first known screen appearance was in 1915, he has screenwriting credits as early as 1913, so it's possible his screen debut was earlier than credited). His cultured bearing, grandfatherly appearance and soothing, resonant voice were perfect for the many military officers, attorneys, judges and business executives he excelled at playing. He was especially memorable in an atypical role as oily, fast-talking phony-stock salesman J. Frothington Waterbury in the W.C. Fields classic The Bank Dick (1940). Hicks made his last film in 1956, and died the next year.


Movie Name Release Date
The Mortal Storm (1940) June 14, 1940
The Bank Dick (1940) November 29, 1940
Η σκύλα – Scarlet Street (1945) December 28, 1945