• 18 September 1927
  •  Plainfield, New Jersey, USA

Phyllis Kirk


Of Danish descent, and born in Syracuse, New York, Phyllis Kirk worked as a waitress and a perfume counter clerk before she began a modeling career. Stage roles ensued before Hollywood beckoned. She was a contract player at MGM and then Warner Brothers, where in her most famous role she was stalked by maniacal sculptor Vincent Price in House of Wax (1953). Kirk's talents were better showcased on the small screen, where she had dramatic roles on many prestigious series and consequently made the covers of TV Guide and Life magazines. Probably best known for her TV role was as Nora Charles, the daffy, fast-talking wife of Peter Lawford on The Thin Man (1957). During her acting career, she also worked as an interviewer and writer for an ACLU. After her final roles in the 1970s, she went to work in public relations before retiring.


Movie Name Release Date
Κέρινες μάσκες – House of Wax (1953) April 25, 1953