• 1930
  •  Limassol, Cyprus

Paul Stassino


Phaedros Stassinos is a Greek-Cypriot actor whose international stage name is Paul Stassino. He was born in Cyprus but at age 17 left for the U.K. to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Spent most of his acting career in Britain. He appeared in British TV dramas such as Danger Man and The Saint. Best known performance was in the James Bond film Thunderball when he played two parts, Major François Derval and Angelo Palazzi. Other roles include "Le Pirate" in That Riviera Touch, and the first officer of the Colombian ship Paloma in Tiger Bay. Left the U.K in the seventies to manage a casino in Athens,Greece. In the eighties came back to his homeland of Cyprus. He has three children from two marriages, two from his British first wife who live in the U.K. and one from his Greek second who lives in Greece.