• 28 March 1929
  •  Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England, UK

Pamela Green


Pamela Green was a wonderful woman who began as an artist, spending seven years studying art and painting, including the last four years at St. Martin's School of Art in London. During the late 1950s, when the magazine "Kamera" created by Pamela and George Harrison Marks became hugely successful, Pamela would be busy finding and training other models to appear in the magazine. Later in her career, she would advise other models and actresses about using make-up, lighting, and costumes. She would often work behind the scenes with her life partner Doug Webb on British films and TV. One of the original dam busters, Webb worked as a stills photographer. You can see his work firsthand in The Killing of Sister George (1968), Krull (1983), Perfect Friday (1970), and The Promise (1979), among several other films. Indeed, when Pamela was auditioned for the role of Millie in Michael Powell's film Peeping Tom (1960) in 1959, she did so at her own studio, which meant Powell had a firsthand experience of the type of sets and costumes Pamela had created for many of her most famous shoots with Harrison. Powell was so enamored of her Rita Landre persona that he later incorporated several of Pamela's images and designs into the fabric of his film. Much of what you see in the film during Pamela's scenes are her own creations and were used in "Kamera" magazines and calendars. And that magazine is now very much a collectors' item along with the early postcards. Pamela would reissue these postcards during the 1990s, and they were again hugely successful. From her home in the Isle of Wight, Pamela attended various shows, and met and greeted fans. She hoped publish a book of Doug Webb's brilliant photography. Funnily enough, Doug only began shooting his wonderful nudes of Pamela when he noticed her trying to shoot her own photos using a camera that she had specially mounted with a mirror so that she could shoot nude photographs by herself. This sums up the wonderful ingenuity, the drive, and the creativity of this beautiful woman. Late in life, the same natural beauty she was when she first shed her clothes in that cold Art Studio back in 1949, you can only marvel at her brilliant career. On May 7, 2010, Pamela died after a battle with leukemia. She had many friends and fans across the globe and was celebrated on Yahoo with a fan club as well as her own Web site. She will be much missed by us all.


Movie Name Release Date
Ο ηδονοβλεψίας – Peeping Tom (1960) May 15, 1962