• 17 November 1921
  •  Madrid, Spain

Ofelia Guilmáin


Ofelia Guilmáin was born in Madrid. She was one of a number of Spanish artists and intellectuals who fled to Mexico during the Spanish Civil War, during which Ms. Guilmaín lost a brother and sister. She married Lucilo Gutiérrez in 1941 and bore four children. Following divorce, she married Eduardo Flores de Meza, but this ended in divorce. She was a close friend of the actor José Gálvez and the painter David Alfaro Siqueiros. She worked in Mexican films from 1941 and became a Mexican citizen in 1952. During the last decades of her life she acted in several television series, including the epic series La Antorcha Encendida, in which she played her real son's mother-in-law. Ms. Guilmaín had four children, three of whom became actors: Juan Ferrara, Luiía Guilmaín, and Esther Guilmáin. One grandson, Juan Carlos Bonet, son of Juan Ferrara, is also an actor.


Movie Name Release Date
Ο εξολοθρευτής άγγελος – El Ángel Exterminador (1962) August 21, 1967