Nicky Naudé


Son of a Cotroni mafia gangster/government rebel/veteran soldier of WWII and Indochina. Nicky Naudé's father, half-French, half-Italian, escaped to Mexico after robbing a bank, where his wife (Nicky's mother) became a successful model and actress. After a few years they fled to Montreal in Canada, where Nicky was born. His dad managed a club called "Chez Clairette'', often spending time there with Jacques Mesrine. The club was owned by the infamous Cotroni, the Canadian Al Capone. After about 15 years in Canada, Nicky and his mother returned to France, joined a year later by his dad. A new, quiet life left his parents discontent, which led to alcoholism. Nicky was orphaned at the age of 17. Nicky's destiny was to be very different, thanks in large part to his involvement in sports, training in Full Contact - American kick-boxing and Kung Fu. Very early he became the French and European junior champion. A career as a fashion model followed, with Nicky relocating to New York, London, Tokyo, Barcelona and Amsterdam; then as an actor, featuring in blockbuster films such as The Bourne Identity, Hitman, Brotherhood of the Wolf and Arsene Lupin.


Movie Name Release Date
Χωρίς ταυτότητα – The Bourne Identity (2002) June 14, 2002