• 12 June 1881
  •  Smyrna, Ottoman Empire [now Izmir, Turkey]

Max Maxudian


Born in Smyrne (Turkey), Max Maxudian emigrated to France with his parents in 1893, at the age of twelve. Despite his foreign origins he became a famous theater player in his host country, appearing at the Odeon, at the Grand Guignol, among others. He was often the partner of the illustrious Sarah Bernhardt and he followed her when she decided to make films and to establish the worth of a hitherto despised way of expression. That was the beginning of a long career spanning four decades. Maxudian was a supporting actor in 77 films and his career was interrupted only by World War II, due to his roots.In silent movies and at the beginning of the talkies he was used to playing the villain, most often all the more suspicious as he was foreign-born. In those racist times he was either the dangerous Arab or the greedy Jew, threatening the pure white heroine. He retired in 1950.


Movie Name Release Date
Η ρόδα (Ο τροχός) – La roue (1923) February 17, 1923