• 17 November 1925
  •  Taurage, Lithuania

Mari Aldon


A former ballet dancer, graceful Mari Aldon married Hollywood director Tay Garnett, who encouraged her to become an actress. She did, but did not leave a deep imprint on film history, with one exception, the role of Judy Beckett, a prisoner of the Seminoles and Gary Cooper's charming romantic interest in Distant Drums (1951)(1951). Besides this, she appeared in few feature films, and then only briefly in two major movies, Joseph L. Mankiewicz's La comtesse aux pieds nus (1954) and David Lean's 'Summer Vacation' (1955). The rest of her career was devoted to television.


Movie Name Release Date
Η ξυπόλυτη Κόμισσα – The Barefoot Contessa (1954) September 29, 1954