• 15 August 1941
  •  Cooke County, Texas, USA

Lou Perryman


Excellent and engaging Texas-born character actor Lou Perryman never became a household name, but he still nonetheless proved to be a substantial and delightful asset to the handful of movies he appeared in throughout the years. Perryman first became involved in the film business back in 1961 while on leave from the US Army. After getting out of the Army, Lou in 1968 worked as a production manager at the Texas Pavilion at the World's Fair in San Antonio and worked as a cinematographer, sound man and production manager at the Filmhouse in Austin from 1969 to 1971. In addition, Perryman worked as a sports cinematographer for both NCAA and ABC TV from 1969 to 1977. Lou was outstanding as Claude in the wonderful seriocomic indie sleeper gem "Last Night at the Alamo" (1984). Alternately funny and pitiable, Perryman as the despondent and excitable Claude spends a sizable amount of his screen time angrily (and profanely) berating his estranged wife on the phone while making game, albeit futile attempts at reconciling with her. Perryman brought a lovely, touching pathos and rueful, rumpled dignity to the role of Claude that's a true joy to behold. Lou was likewise memorable and personable as affable radio station engineer L.G. McPeters in "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2" (1986). (Perryman worked behind the scenes on the classic '74 original as an assistant cameraman.) Moreover, Perryman had nice small parts as a hostile redneck bar patron in "The Blues Brothers" (1980), a construction worker in "Poltergeist" (1982), and the sheriff Hilary Swank relates in flashback what happened to her to in the acclaimed award-winning indie hit "Boys Don't Cry" (1999). Among the plays Lou appeared in are "The Time of Your Life," "Fool for Love," "The Night Hank Williams Died," and the especially well-received "In the West" (Perryman also co-wrote this latter play). He also acted under the alternate names of Lou Perry and Louis Perryman. Lou was tragically murdered in his home in South Austin, Texas on April 1, 2009. Lou Perryman was 67 years old. He's survived by his daughter Jennifer.