• 6 May 1976
  •  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Kyle Cassie


Born in British Columbia, Kyle Cassie was originally raised in a small town in the Kooteney Mountains before his parents decided that Vancouver was a better place to provide culture for him and his two younger brothers growing up. His passion for performing was discovered at an early age while running around the neighborhood in costume banging on doors and only grew over time. Kyle performed in a number of musicals throughout and after high school and wrote and performed creative pieces for school assemblies on various themes using any excuse to perform in front of a crowd. A life-threatening car accident in 1995 left Kyle in coma and those around him questioning his survival. He awoke with a very real sense of life and decided to chase his burning desire to act in film and TV. Kyle has studied music all his life and has been playing piano since he was 6 years old. This came in handy when he auditioned for the first TV show he booked in 1999 where he played the part of a famous pianist performing Rachmaninoff's aggressive 'Prelude in C# minor'. Kyle has since acted in a long list of projects most recently including a lead role on 'Lost Boys 2' for Warner Brothers, a recurring on 'Revolution", a pilot for NBC, and recurring guest stars on 'JPod', based on the esteemed Douglas Coupland Novel, where he played a pathological, self hating fast-food chain mascot named 'Klownsworthy'. For this he earned a nomination for 'Best Guest Star in a Dramatic Series' for the 2008 Leo Awards, which celebrate excellence in the British Columbia television industry. His insatiable appetite for self-expression also spreads into writing and producing where he finds more ways to win the battle against his 'creative beast'. He co-wrote and co-produced a comical short film, 'Portrait of a Rebound', co-wrote a satirical monster horror feature film, 'Rare Breed' and has recently finished writing the short, darkly comedic drama, 'The Milkguy' which he's also producing for 2009. 'The Milkguy' is a modern day fairy-tale about learning to not cry over spilled milk. Kyle teamed up with fellow actor Teach Grant to create 'The Lido', a one-hour dramatic comedy packaged into 30 minutes for today's ADD generation. 'The Lido' is aggressive, sexy and unapologetic. Moved by his haunting episode in a coma years ago, Kyle is developing a psychological thriller based on his compelling experience.Touching on questions about reality and the choices he faced in that alternate state of consciousness Kyle looks to share what he's learned through a harrowing tale of mystery, danger and ultimately, salvation. Kyle resides in Vancouver, BC and lives with his girlfriend Emilie Ullerup.


Movie Name Release Date
Deadpool (2016) February 12, 2016