• 3 August 1889
  •  Vader, Washington, USA

Herbert Heyes


Herbert Harrison Heyes was born on August 3, 1889 on a Cougar Flats ranch near Vader in Lewis County, Washington, USA. His ancestors crossed the plains over the Oregon Trail. His father, James Heyes (1837-1921) was a Liverpool, England sea captain who sailed around Cape Horn. He was a pioneer in the fishing industry in Astoria, Oregon, USA. His mother was Lavena Jane Washburn. The family moved to Portland, Oregon, USA, when he was four. Heyes became an actor and joined the Baker Stock Company there and made his stage debut at the Baker Theater, at Third and Yamhill Streets, in 1908. He married Mildred Gertrude von Hollen on September 12, 1913 in Eldora, Hardin County, Iowa, USA. They had two children: Herbert Harrison Heyes, Jr., born on July 26, 1915 in Illinois, died January 5, 1999 in Laguna Hills, Orange Co., CA, USA, and Douglas Howard Heyes, born on October 27, 1919 in California, died February 8, 1993 in Los Angeles, CA, USA. In addition to acting in theater productions, he signed with Fox Films in 1916 and starred in many silent films. He entered radio in 1923 and ventured into many business interests in the 1930's. Following his first marriage divorce he married Helen Ward on June 15, 1934 in Clark, Washington, USA. He returned to movie making in the 1940's and character roles on television programs in the 1950's. In his final years he also had significant film roles in A Place in the Sun (1951), Park Row (1952) and The Seven Little Foys (1955). He died following a three year illness on May 31, 1958 at home in North Hollywood, California, USA.


Movie Name Release Date
Μια θέση στον Ήλιο – A Place in the Sun (1951) August 14, 1951