Helena Holmes


Helena Holmes was born in France; Her Intimate, closed relatives calls her "Lisso," she got the name from one of her grandfather whom she used to learn African healing and spirituality with; she is Anglo -French and totally bilingual she also speaks Creole, Spanish and German, her stage name is real she comes from a long tradition of great British and French Black performers, actors and skilled artists. She learned as early as 3 years old in the circle of her grandfathers and her great -grandmothers uncles and aunties whom she says she was happy and blessed to grow with as a little girl. "I was loved and spoiled all the time " She says by "people who were fantastic and amazing" The grandparents ran an Educational school and had implemented an authentic African Theatre in her community The school is very popular and still help children to get education and to become performers. Helena Holmes as a child used to perform with her grandparents on stage and to travel with them she won many prizes at school and at University. Her grandparents had traveled in Europe and were the first Black performers professionals employed into films industries and Theatres during the First World War in England, Germany,Panama, Cuba, Russia, France and in America during the Second World War ;One of her eldest was buried at Srebrenica others were murdered in Detention camps and participated into the French Resistance against the Nazi. When Helena is not on stage she is doing genealogy research and works as a senior lecturer or a special guest on campus . She loves teaching Politics and Activism, Education for Sustainability and Diversity African literature and Civilisation and Drama and Dance Techniques. Helena writes articles for the press and regularly contribute to Activist newspapers and editions. Helena regularly works either as a senior lecturer, an Art Coach, an Art Director, for producers theaters, artists, dancers, Opera singers. She is also a great performer; a skilled African dance choreographer. She is excellent in Avant- Garde Art which she promotes in circles in London, New York, Africa, Beijing, Milan, Brussels and Paris; Helena Holmes regularly writes scripts for producers and televisions Theatres, Opera. She loves writing and is also keen on teaching Rhetoric linguistic History literature and ART. She is a fully qualified CAPES Teacher. She loves Art; her passion has leaded her to overcome hurdles throughout her life and to put them all into plays scripts. She travels the world sometimes to help produce the best films improve settings, costumes or make up styles and she is also very good at designing special effects make up. Helena Holmes also teaches and offers Art Coaching workshops. Her sessions are said to be centered on the actor's hidden potentials and are reconnecting him with who he is, his inner self and soul his blood memory. Helena uses Past Life regressions and Emotional Freedom Release Technique and Blood memory revival techniques. She is a qualified Health Life Psychology Coach from East London University. She qualified from East London University with Doctor Emma Short she obtained 93 out of 100 for her final exams it was the best grade. Helena Holmes has got many qualifications she is a gifted learner and teacher: Teaching, ART. Psychology, Health, Coaching, Fitness, Dance, Drama. Helena loves learning and is curious about everything. She is a charming woman, very attractive near charisma is natural and real . She is always eager to help and support anyone. She says it herself she is a born activist, a Human Right Fighter and became an actor because she realized it was the best way to sustain human causes freedom and Justice; to fight against Discrimination, Racism and Exclusion which she abhors . Helena Holmes is in charge of African groups and Pan African organizations in London and in Europe Africa endeavoring to promote Black actors and actresses images and roles in London and in Paris. She is an active member of Children's centers orphanages, in South America and the Global African Congress she founded Black women organizations to support poor families and combat poverty and illiteracy. Helena was also born and raised in the authentic African knowledge and traditions of spiritual healers and chanters. Helena Holmes also sings in different categories and tap into spirituality and karmic forces when she sings her voice his amazing she is the main singer and leading voice of Spiritual groups and circles in London. She believes that Life is a gift and that Love is the only Good energy in Nature to be happy and nourish a man, a woman or a child.


Movie Name Release Date
Tomb Raider (2018) 2018-03-15