• 21 April 1937
  •  Esbjerg, Denmark

Finn Nielsen


Finn Nielsen was born and raised in a city called Odense on the island Funen, Denmark on April 21, 1937. He had a brother named Ole. He went to "Marie Joergens school for boys". He didn't always wanted to become an actor. He started up at the Odense theater where he was dancing, singing, playing in musicals such as "West side story". He was first married to a woman with the name Britt, they had a child, Kasper who's now in his 30s and married. In 1989 Finn Nielsen was going to play the part as Skipper in the children's Christmas show "Nissebanden i Grønland". He met actress Ann Hjort there, the two fell in love and later married. In October 1993 they had a child, Anton. They were very happy for having Anton because they had been through a very difficult times getting him. And when Anton finally "arrived" he had an ilness inside and the doctors didn't know what it was. But as time came and went Anton recovered, and they're all fine today, living some place outside Copenhagen.


Movie Name Release Date
Το βασίλειο – Riget (1994) May 23, 1998