• 18 October 1980
  •  Kennewick, Washington, USA

Erin J. Dean


Erin began her acting career at 6 but decided it wasn't for her at that time and stopped. But the acting "bug" bit her again at eleven when her mother was performing improv comedy at The Second Comedy Club in Santa Monica, California. Attending all of her mother's comedy classes and even participating in improv on the Second City's "Main Stage" with Chris Barnes (Second City Alumni) she soon realized that show business was what she wanted. Her real start was when Bud Freeman held an open audition for stand-up comics (that were under 18) at his The World Famous Improv comedy club in Hollywood. Erin wowed him and the press with her monologue and soon began to do the stand-up circut (thoses clubs that would allow an 11 year old to perform). This eventually lead to her auditioning and winning second place on AMERICA'S FUNNIEST PEOPLE. With that under her belt she landed a top agent and her career has taken off since. She now lives with her mother, grandfather and several pets in Burbank, California. She's an A student in honors classes. She loves to spend time on the phone with her friends, shopping, taking photographs and writing poetry. She's also in a "garage band" called Null Set where she plays the bass.


Movie Name Release Date
Λολίτα – Lolita (1997) September 25, 1998