• 1 April 1883
  •  Sykkylven, Norway

Edvard Drabløs


Born in a beautiful valley in Sykkylven community called Velledalen, as the oldest son of a farmer. Perhaps not the best starting-point for an actor, but his interest for theater was woken by a local group of youths,they were playing amateur-theater, and Drabløs became fascinated. A few years later he became a member of a touring-company called, The Norwegian Play team, a group of actors and musicians, founded by the writer, actress and manager Hulda Garborg. She was also one of the founders of The Norwegian Theater established in 1913, and Drabløs was among the actors from the very first day. For almost fifty years he played many great roles on that theater, at his best as Peter in "Ordet"/"The Word" by Kaj Munk, together with many roles in the plays of Chekhov and Holberg. Between 1920 and 1925 he was running his own touring company, and he was manager at The Norwegian Theater for two seasons. In films he mostly played small parts, often seen as a farmer, or as an older member of the family. Also many roles in radio-plays, and he was a gifted reader of poetry. One of his last performances were an eminent portrayal of an old man in a TV production of "Bleikeplassen". (by Vesaas) Drabløs died in the early springtime of 1976, the finest period of the year in the western hills of Norway. He was 93 years old.


Movie Name Release Date
Ni liv (1957) October 3, 1957