Dylan Kussman


A professional actor since 1985, Dylan got his big break as Richard Cameron in "Dead Poets Society". He has since appeared in numerous feature films, including "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken", "Jack Reacher", "Flight", "X2", and "The Way of the Gun", and has worked alongside such cinematic luminaries as Cliff Robertson, James Caan, Cathy Bates, Benicio Del Toro, Brian Cox, Alfre Woodard, Sir Ian McCellan, Patrick Stewart, and the late Robin Williams. His television credits include appearances on "Monk", "House", "Without A Trace", "Cold Case", "The X-Files" and "Drop Dead Diva". A longtime screenwriter and member of the WGAW since 2005, he is the sole or contributing writer on "Booth", "The Mayor of Castro Street", "The Ghost Inside" and "Mission Blacklist", as well as being the writer, director, and star of the critically-acclaimed Web series "The Steps".