• 27 September 1960
  •  San Diego County, California, USA

Debi Derryberry


Debi Derryberry was raised in the quiet desert community of Indio, California. When she was only nine-years-old, she got her first guitar and started writing and singing songs. In high school, she served as captain of the gymnastics team, drama club, and then went to UCLA as a pre-med candidate, singing, acting and writing songs the whole time. In lieu of med school, Debi sought out her musical talents and moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career in country music. After three years of performing, writing and singing in Music City, she returned to Los Angeles to launch her voice-over career, and she has garnered feature roles in numerous high-profile films and TV shows ever since. Now after almost 30 years, Debi is one of Hollywood's most active and sought after voice-over artists, best known for voicing Jimmy Neutron in the Academy Award-nominated Paramount/Nickelodeon film, "Jimmy Neutron-Boy Genius". Some of her roles are: Draculaura on Mattel's "Monster High", Maureen, Philip and Kenny, on "F is For Family", Coco from "Crash Bandicoots" Taime, in "Guild Wars", the Baby Unicorns in Hasbro's "Hanazuki" and voice-over roles in "Toy Story", "Wreck It Ralph", "Zootopia", "Smurfs the Lost Village and "Trolls". Other voice work includes: Candy from "Glitter Force", Tigley from "Doc McStuffins", Wednesday from "The Addams Family", Gnocchi from "Curious George", Weenie from "Oswald the Octopus", Zatch Bell, Ryo Ohki from "Tenchi Muyo", Jackie from Howie Mandel's, "Bobby's World", Jeannie from the Emmy-Nominated "Life with Louie", and Nergal Jr. on "Grim and Evil" for Cartoon Network. Also an on-camera actress, Debi's credits include many commercials and TV shows, "iCarly" and "True Beauty", and she can be seen in the features "Ghostworld", "Comic Book the Movie" and "Free Willy". In that film, Debi was the stunt double that actually rode the whale. Debi has written and recorded award-winning pre-school music albums. She wrote the song "My Dog's My Buddy" when she was only nine-years-old, and her song "Baby Banana" hit #1 on Sirius/XM Kids! Voted "Best Voice-Over Coach in Los Angeles" by BackStage West, Debi now teaches voice-over classes to voice-over artists on how to master their craft. She has passed on her tips and tricks into her book "Voice-Over 101- How to Succeed as a Voice-Over actor" available on Amazon.