• 31 July 1874
  •  Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Clarence Kolb


Contrary to his familiar image, Clarence Kolb started out as one half of a vaudeville comedy act, Kolb and Dill. He made a few shorts in 1916 and a feature in 1917, but went back to vaudeville and the stage immediately thereafter, and did not return to films until the late 1930s. His stern, authoritarian looks and booming voice fit the irascible, bombastic politicians and businessmen--usually crooked to a greater or lesser degree--he played so well. Best remembered as the fast-talking, corrupt mayor in the classic His Girl Friday (1940) and Mr. Honeywell, Vern Albright's boss, in the TV series My Little Margie (1952).


Movie Name Release Date
Αδάμ και Εύα (Απ’ το πλευρό του Αδάμ) – Adam’s Rib (1949) November 18, 1949
Impact (1949) April 1, 1949