• 21 August 1862
  •  Wellsville, Ohio, USA

Burr McIntosh


Burr McIntosh born William Burr McIntosh in Ohio in 1862. Son of the President of public utility and Cleveland Gas Coal Company William Ambrose. Burr was educated at Lafayette College in Princeton where he became a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity in 1884. became a star on Broadway stage, perhaps his best known stage role was in 'Trilby' in 1905. Hefty, bald, intelligent man who starred and supported in many drama and comedy films, his first was the starring role Jo Vernon in Lawrence B McGill's 'In Maizzouri' for the All Star Feature Film Co in 1914, he's perhaps best remembered as Squire Bartlett in D.W. Griffith's 'Way Down East' starring Lillian Gist in 1920, also appeared in many early talkies including his last 'The Richest Girl in the World' starring Miriam Hopkins for the RKO Film Co in 1934. during the 1930s he devoted himself to charitable causes, particalarly collecting toys for poor families. He his also known for publishing a well-known magazine (Burr McIntosh Monthly) and a lecturer characterizing himself as 'The Cheerful Philosopher' also a film production owner, author, reporter and pioneering radio actor. He died from a heart attack in Hollywood in 1942 age 80


Movie Name Release Date
Αγάπη στη θύελλα – Way Down East (1920) September 3, 1920