• 27 September 1938
  •  Malden, Massachusetts, USA

Betty Lou Keim


Betty Lou Keim was born, in 1938, in Malden, Massachusetts. She made her debut as Peggy Allison in the television series, My Son Jeep (1953). She later appeared on The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse (1948) and The Alcoa Hour (1955). Two movie roles followed in 1956, those being These Wilder Years (1956) and Teenage Rebel (1956). Betty's best performance was in Some Came Running (1958), filmed and released in 1958. In this fine film, she played Dawn Hirsh, the pretty, out of control daughter of a small town jeweler and his wife, played by Arthur Kennedy and Leora Dana. After appearing in the TV series The Deputy (1959) as Fran McCord in 1959, Betty married Warren Berlinger that same year and left show business. They have four children.


Movie Name Release Date
Το στίγμα του κολασμένου – Some Came Running (1958) December 18, 1958