Tim Neff


Tim Neff is a working actor and filmmaker, with a strong passion for martial arts. In his early years, Tim moved around regularly, exposing him to a multitude of cultures, thereby making him a student of life and an expert in the subtleties of human communication. This skill has helped him tremendously in his current film and acting work, relating his vast life experiences to the roles he designs. Tim is also former military, and held an above top secret security clearance. He has been trained in hand-to-hand combat, knives, explosives and firearms, and is a specialist holding a marksman in 9mil, M-16, AR-15 and the 12 gauge shotgun. Additionally, Tim is very passionate about and skilled in stage combat, fight choreography, parkour/freerunning, and stunt work, as well as martial arts including Capoeira, Taekwondo, Wing Chun, Boxing, Kickboxing and Martial Arts Tricking. After completing his time in the military, Tim moved to Los Angeles where he began taking traditional acting classes such as Tony Barr's film actor's workshop, improvisation at the Groundlings, and courses at the Ivana Chubbuck studio and intensive workshops with Margie Haber. Tim is working on a feature film called "Ripped to Shredz" in a leading role, that will have a theatrical release. A second project in the works is the live action adaptation of "Dragon Ball Z" in which Tim plays the lead role, and fan favorite, Trunks. Both parts are action and stunt heavy, both of which are his specialties. On top of these Tim has been working on a short film that has won 8 short film festivals and is currently in post to be recreated into a full feature shooting end of 2016 into 2017. Tim was also a character/creature actor in SyFy's Face Off" for five seasons, working with prosthetics and movie makeup as a performer. He has been a on NBC's "Hollywood Game Night" alongside Jane Lynch since its culmination as a pilot and coming up on season 5 later this year, and has appeared as the lead in many music videos and national commercials. Admiring such actors as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Cecep Arif Rahman for their revolutionary fight scenes and ability to move uniquely in a confined space, Tim has adapted that into his own practice. Artists like Jim Carrey and Robin Williams inspire Tim to explore comedic timing, and the intricacies of layering emotions into a scene. Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day-Lewis and Morgan Freeman have undeniable range and can play characters with such determined, precise choices, offering Tim the inspiration and insight to apply similar skill to his own work. Pulp Fiction, Seven, Braveheart, Last of the Mohicans, Fight Club, IP Man, Enter the Dragon, Goodfellas, American Beauty, The Shining, Gladiator, Requium for a Dream, Pan's Labyrinth, Heat, Good Will Hunting, Warrior, Fargo, and A Beautiful Mind are just a handful of Tim's favorite films due their artistic merit and aesthetic beauty. Directors like Tarantino, Kubrick, Coppola and Scorsese are some of the greats that Tim admires as their entire body of work consistently push the boundaries of film as an art form and as a method of telling a story. When not working as an actor and athlete, Tim has taken the initiative to create his own clothing line, Heart Attack Clothing. Tim has designed custom Heart Attack wear for popular TV shows such as SyFy's "Lost Girl", bands such as Depeche Mode, as well as providing streetwear/dancewear to the general public, building the Heart Attack brand to by synonymous with edginess and cutting edge design. He has also been a dancer for a number of years, performing and teaching hip hop styles of dance including break and pop lock. He loves art and music, and being able to express himself through all aspects of both.


Movie Name Release Date
Suburbicon (2017) October 27, 2017