• 1 January 1868
  •  Budapest, Austria-Hungary

Snitz Edwards


Snitz Edwards was born Edward Neumann in Hungary. Married first wife in 1889 and was divorced some time later. Although he was almost 20 years older than his wife, Edwards married Eleanor Taylor, an actress from Boston, in 1906. They had three children, Cricket (b. 1906), Evelyn (b. 1914) and Marian (b. 1917). The three girls were all put into films; in the late 1920s, Universal made a series of two reelers with the entire family based upon a theatrical family with three daughters. Edwards was earning $5,000 a week by then. Cricket became a secretary for the Jaffe Agency and married famous L.A. attorney Newt Kendall. She later became a movie producer and worked on films like The Guns of Navarone (1961) and The Victors (1963). Marian became an actress and later married writer Irwin Shaw (Rich Man, Poor Man (1976)). Evelyn was a writer who worked for RKO for years. Edwards' final film was the 1931 classic The Public Enemy (1931) but, by then, he was very sick with cirrhosis of the liver and rheumatoid arthritis. He is in a number of early scenes as "Putty Nose", but was unable to finish filming. He spent his final years bedridden, passing away in 1937 at home.