• 29 December 1939
  •  Los Angeles, California, USA

Robert Hyatt


Robert "Bobby" Hyatt appeared in his first motion picture at six months old when Cary Grant picked him out of a group of babies at MGM. That was the beginning of an acting career that kept him busy for the next 25 years, giving him a solid background of experience to move behind the camera as a writer and director. Robert wrote and directed his first feature film, Every Girl Should Have One (1978) with Zsa Zsa Gabor, Robert Alda and Alice Faye, in 1978. He then signed with 20th Century-Fox/TV as a writer/associate producer to develop a movie-of-the-week entitled, "Super 8." he then went into the music business after a year at Fox/TV and spent the next ten years traveling the US and Europe on concert tours as an artist manager and music publisher. He co-produced, wrote and directed the sci-fi thriller Alien Seed (1989) starring Erik Estrada. In New Zealand for 1991-92 he co-produced, wrote and directed a cultural documentary, The Maori Queen (1993). In 1993 he became the first American director to make an all-Vietnamese cast and Vietnamese-language, full-length feature, )Lost Paradise (1993)_. This was shown as a mini-series on Hong Kong TV and released as a feature film in Australia, France, Canada and the Vietnamese communities in the US. In 1995 he was contracted by On The Edge productions to write and develop the music-oriented comedy, "Sex, Lies & Rock n Roll" for production in the Caribbean. This led to extensive research and location scouting in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, where many contacts were established for future projects. In 1998 he produced, wrote and directed Deadly Ransom (1998), an action film starring Francesco Quinn and Brion James. It was shot in Los Angeles and Puerto Rico. In 1999 he sold his seventh screenplay, "Night of the Woman Child," to American Media Group. In 2001 he wrote and directed Dead Man's Run (2001), starring John Savage, Joe Lara and Trevor Goddard. At this point in time Robert has written eight produced screenplays, directed seven of them and has a lifetime of experience in the making of films. Robert is the vice-president of acquisitions and production for The Director's Cut Video-On-Demand cable movie channel.


Movie Name Release Date
Σκότωσα τη γυναίκα μου – High Wall (1947) December 17, 1947