• 1922
  •  Naples, Campania, Italy

Renato Terra


Renato Terra, formally Renato Caizi, was born in Naples to a poor family. He found a great interest in acting, and by hanging around Cinecitta in Rome he eventually found odd jobs in films, he then changed his professional acting name to Terra. His unfortunate event came at the peak of his career during the shooting of a western scene in which he fell from a horse and broke his nose, he was really upset as he was convinced that the accident disfigured his face and ruined the successful acting career he was hoping for, however that did not stop him from continuing to work with some of the Italian Cinematography's biggest stars like Toto' and director Franco Zeffirelli (Gesus of Nazareth). He continued acting till the mid 1970s when he retired so continue another great passion of his, Poetry, and even published a book called "Che Strano Paese".