• 29 April 1925
  •  New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Pat Pierre Perkins


Priscilla "Pat" Pierre Perkins was an actress with day jobs that ranged from cab driving to nursing to bartending. She died on January 24th at her home in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was 76 years old. From 1977 on, Ms. Perkins had small parts in many big budget films such as Pretty Baby (1978) and JFK (1991). She got her start in the movie business when a counselor at the U.S. Employment Service said the production company filming the New Orleans based "Pretty Baby" was looking for someone of her age and stature. She earned enough money from her multiple roles in that film to start her own taxicab business, and continued to land small roles in major motion pictures. She was a lifelong resident of New Orleans.


Movie Name Release Date
Λολίτα – Lolita (1997) September 25, 1998