Nadine Crocker


Nadine Crocker is an actress, model, writer, singer, songwriter. Recently, you may have seen her as Juliet in "Rodeo & Juliet", or as Zoe in gritty new Indie "Toy", or scaring the shit out of people with her flesh falling off as Marcy in Eli Roth's new remake of his original film "Cabin Fever". She is a gorgeous and talented actress with a chameleonesque ability to shape her character and bring it up off the page and into your memory forever. Nadine Crocker was born in Nashville, Tennessee and raised in the small town of Fresno, California. Nadine knowing she was destined for more then just an ordinary life dropped everything and moved to Los Angeles, California on her own at the young age of 17. A lot of images come to mind when picturing a beautiful young girl in pursuit of fame and success, but Nadine does not fit any normal mold. She is humble, loving, considerate, and would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. Whether you follow Nadine's career now, or watch her perform down the road, rest assured no matter where it is, or what she is doing, she will take your breath away.


Movie Name Release Date
Cabin Fever (2016) May 13, 2016