• 8 April 1902

Marion Mack


Many recognise Marion Mack as the beautiful but brainless heroine Annabelle Lee, of Buster Keaton's classic 'The General'. However, few realise that Marion was also a talented screenwriter who, with her husband, formed a successful production team. Born Joey Marion McReery, she began her career as a Mack Sennet Bathing Girl. She soon progressed to become a popular figure in two-reelers and serials. On one of these, 'Mary of the Movies' (1923) she featured - uncredited - as screenwriter as well as star, something she was to do many times. She did not earn her first credit until 1938 - `and only because I insisted'. She married the movie's producer, Lewis Lewyn, in 1924. She heard of the part in `The General' through her hairdresser. The resulting six month shoot was arduous, and Marion decided afterwards that she would rather quit acting than endure such a long separation from her husband again. Her last starring appearance was in `Alice in Movieland' (1927). From then on, her work was mainly done behind the camera. She and her husband produced a number of successful series of shorts, including as `Voice of Hollywood' and `Hollywood on Parade'. Soon after Lewis' death in 1969, interest in `The General' was revived and Marion toured extensively with the movie, giving interviews and lectures about working with the comic legend Buster Keaton.


Movie Name Release Date
Ο στρατηγός – The General (1926) February 24, 1927